For business

For business

The team of Business-Assistance Law Firm is ready to provide reliable legal support for your business at all stages of its development – from the moment of its creation to major business transactions. Where necessary, we become your advisers, not just lawyers. Our goal is to simplify for you the process of doing business in legal aspects, to protect it from unforeseen situations and to solve the legal problems your business faces as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Types of services

Business registration

– selection of the optimal form of business doing in Ukraine and the whole process of its further state registration.

Our lawyers will advise you on the procedure of business registration in Ukraine, legislative requirements, terms, existing forms, select the one that best meets your interests and specific activities (Individual Entrepreneur, Private Enterprise, LLC, JSC, Representative Office, Financial Company, Asset Management Company, Enterprise with foreign capital, etc.), and will conduct the entire process of state registration on turnkey basis. We also provide services of public organizations and apartment building co-owners association registration.

Internal documents

– development of the local regulations, making amendments to the incorporating documents.

We will not just develop local documents for your company that are necessary for its effective operation (instructions, regulations, protocols, rules, orders and others), but we will also advise you on the procedure of their implementation and execution. Also, lawyers of Business Assistance Law Firm will bring your incorporating documents into compliance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

Contracts issues

– contracts development, audit, representation during conclusion process, consultations.

This service includes development of contracts in a way that your interests are considered and protected to the fullest degree. We are also ready to provide you with legal support in the processes of contracts conclusion, amendment, modification or termination. The audit includes the contract legal analysis for compliance with the laws and your interests, including identifying its “pitfalls”, drawing up a protocol of disagreements, as well as providing advice on the rights and obligations of the parties and possible risks.

Transaction support

– full legal support of transactions, including commercial and international, representation of interests during negotiations.

At the first stage of the transaction – preparatory, we advise you about all legal nuances, make a legal analysis of your documents and prepare others necessary for transaction to be successful. During transaction itself, we ensure representation of your interests during the negotiations and the conclusion process, and after that – legal support to fulfill its conditions. In any case, at all stages you can be sure that the team of Business Assistance Law Firm will do everything so that the results of the transaction or negotiations are as close as possible to your interests.

Appeal of state bodies’ decisions

– appeal of decisions of the State Tax Inspectorate and other public authorities in administrative and judicial order.

If the decision of a state authority, including the State Tax Inspectorate, or the action or omission to act of their officials violates your legal rights and interests, our lawyers and attorneys will use all possible ways to protect you, both in-court and out-of-court. This service includes consultations on the prospects and means of appeal, preparation of complaints, statements, lawsuits, other procedural documents, representation of your interests in government agencies, court, during execution of court decisions.

Disputes resolution

– pre-trial, out-of-court disputes settlement and litigation.

The range of services includes, first of all, legal analysis of a specific dispute, oral consultation and the development of a legal position for obtaining the desired result as quickly and efficiently as possible. Resolving a dispute without involving the parties in a lawsuit is our priority goal. For achieving this, we use various methods of pre-trial or consent settlement. If litigation cannot be avoided – the team of Business Assistance Law Firm will prepare all the necessary procedural documents and ensure that your interests are represented in civil, economic, administrative or criminal courts, in the first instance, appeal or cassation.

Enforcement proceedings

– legal support and representation during enforcement of court decisions.

Business Assistance Law Firm using all available legal tools will ensure the fastest and the fullest execution of the judgment. Services regarding legal support of enforcement proceedings include: representation of your interests in the enforcement service (both state and private); obtaining writs of execution in court; tracing the debtor’s assets; support of debtor’s property disposal; control over the actions of enforcement agents, in cases of their illegality – filing complaints; applying to court for the recognition and enforcement of foreign courts’ decisions in Ukraine; release of property from arrest, exclusion from the inventory (if you are a debtor).

Bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization

– full legal support of bankruptcy procedures, liquidation or reorganization of your business.

Bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization are complex, multi-step procedures associated with many potential risks and mistakes. Our main goal is not only to simplify these procedures and minimize financial losses for you, but also to protect you from any unforeseen consequences. We will ensure representation of your interests either on the side of the debtor and the creditor (in case of bankruptcy), as well as we will help you choose the optimal form of reorganization or liquidation of your business with full further legal support of this process.

Labor law

– consultations, audit, representation during resolution of labor conflicts and disputes, obtaining permits.

Compliance with labor legislation is an important aspect of doing business, which has many nuances. Our lawyers and attorneys will not only help you understand them, but will also audit your activities to determine whether they comply with the requirements of labor legislation, and then will help you remedy non-compliances found and prevent their occurrence in the future. In particular, we advise on any issues related to the implementation of labor laws, represent your interests in court, in government agencies, during out-of-court settlement of labor disputes, draw up employment agreements and contracts, other internal documentation, organize the process of foreign citizens employment.

Multiple service

– full legal support of the current activities of your business.

The range of services that can be included in each case is discussed individually and depends on the specifics of your business. They can be different, and mainly include oral and written consultations on legal issues, drafting documents, contract work, representation in the courts, during negotiations. The main goal of the team of Business Assistance Law Firm is to take charge of all concerns related to the legal support of your business, becoming not only your trusted lawyer, but also a reliable partner, who will provide a legally competent solution and defend your interests in any situation that may arise.

Legal advices

– oral and written consultations, drawing up legal opinions.

Business Assistance Law Firm advices on the effectiveness and safety of organizing your business, appealing against decisions of tax inspectorates and other authorities, pre-trial settlement of disputes, representation of interests in courts, requirements of current legislation, solving various problem situations, any other legal issues that arise while doing business. Legal advice includes an analysis of legislation and judicial practice, the provision of specific recommendations or alternative solutions to a problem.

Notary services

– performance of various notarial actions.

Notarization of contracts, applications, signatures, facts, execution of power of attorney, authentication of founders’ signature on statutes, protocols, bank cards, attestation of documents copies, including articles of association and incorporation, performance of executive writings and others.

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