For private individuals

For private individuals

Our lawyers and attorneys will become your reliable, trusted advisors in solving private legal problems of any complexity, effectively defending and protecting your interests. We guarantee a high level of professionalism and complete confidentiality. We understand your needs and use an individual, out-of-the-box approach that helps us solve your private legal problems as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Types of services

Debt recovery

– legal assistance in case of debt incurring for different types of obligations.

Debt collection procedure is a set of legal actions aimed at securing debt repayment for various types of obligations, for example, a receipt, contract, payment of alimony. The services of Business Assistance Law Firm within this procedure include: legal analysis of documents related to the disputed debt, provision of comprehensive advice on possible solutions of the problem, use of pre-trial debt settlement methods, accompanying meetings and negotiating directly with the debtor or his representatives, protecting interests in court, representation of your interests at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Credit disputes

– representation of your interests in relations with financial institutions, consultations.

Before signing the credit contract, we will conduct its legal audit, assess the legality of its provisions and advise on the consequences in case of failure to comply with them. If after contract execution a disputable situation with a financial institution arises, we will assist in negotiations, in pre-trial settlement of a dispute, we will contest judicially the illegal provisions of the contract, the amount of penalties, fines, and protect your rights by any available legal means. Lawyers and attorneys of Business Assistance Law Firm are ready to provide you with reliable legal support at all stages of a credit transaction.

Contracts preparation

– determination of necessary form of the contract, development of its provisions, audit of existing contracts, consultations on the conditions.

Lawyers of Business Assistance Law Firm will draw up a contract for you not only legally competently, but also taking into account your interests as much as possible in order to avoid undesirable difficulties during its execution in the future. We will select for you the necessary form and type of contractual arrangements based on the nature of legal relations, and we will also advise you on all the terms of the contract. In addition, we will audit already concluded contracts and advise you on their conditions, in particular, on the obligations of the parties, on possible risks and “pitfalls”.

Family law

– legal support in resolving property and non-property family conflicts, as well as related legal services.

The services of Business Assistance Law Firm in this area include legal support during: entering/dissolving a marriage, declaring it invalid, separation of spouses’ property, recovery of alimony, establishment of maternity / paternity, deprivation of parental rights, establishment of guardianship / curatorship, adoption process, determination of children’s place of residence. We will ensure the protection of your interests in any family disputes, as well as provide legal support in preparation of such agreements as a marriage contract, an agreement on division of the property, an agreement on the procedure of child upbringing and support, an alimony agreement.

Hereditary disputes

– legal registration of inheritance, resolution of disputes related to inheritance, consultations on the inheritance procedure in Ukraine.

Set of services on the legal registration of inheritance includes: consultations on the inheritance procedure; drawing up of a will, a hereditary contract; extension of the deadline for inheritance acceptance; contestation over the rights of other heirs, etc. Our main goal is to make the inheritance procedure as quick and easy as possible for you. Lawyers and attorneys of Business Assistance Law Firm will represent your interests in notarial offices; will appeal against notarial actions in case of their illegality; will draw up the necessary procedural documents and represent your interests in court during separate proceeding (for example, when establishing the facts of kinship relations, living as a single family, etc.), during judicial disputes related to inheritance.

Car Accident Lawyer

– legal support in any situations that may happen to you on the road.

Car Accident Lawyer of Business Assistance Law Firm is always ready to be contacted – he will suggest you a plan of actions in case of accident, will help resolve a conflict situation, write europrotocol, if necessary – our Car Accident Lawyer will respond to the site of accident. Also, you can contact us if you need to appeal against fines, deprivation of driving licenses, illegal actions of police officers. Car Accident Lawyer will represent your interests in relations with insurance companies and help you get compensation, prepare the necessary documents and ensure the protection of your interests in court.

Criminal defence

– reliable legal protection during criminal proceedings at all stages.

The team of lawyers of Business Assistance Law Firm has an extensive experience in handling criminal cases and is ready to effectively represent your interests in law enforcement agencies and in courts providing all necessary services, in particular: development of defence tactics; filing the necessary motions, lawyer’s requests, complaints and applications, preparation of documents; collection of characterizing material regarding the persons involved; your defense at the pre-trial investigation stage, during interrogations, searches, investigative experiments and other investigative actions; your defence in courts of all instances. We will also help you to recover damages caused by criminal offenses and ensure the execution of the court decision.

Insurance disputes

– representation of interests in relations with insurance companies, assistance in obtaining insurance compensation.

First of all, the lawyers of the Business Assistance Law Firm will conduct a comprehensive legal analysis of your insurance contracts and advise on issues related to the requirements for timely and full payment of the due insurance indemnity in order to avoid future disputes. If such disputes arise, we will provide legal advice in case of refusal to pay insurance compensation without justification, as well as in case of unsubstantiated claims from insurance companies, we will arrange your representation and protection, both in the pre-trial settlement of insurance disputes and in court.

Labor disputes

– advices on labor law and protection of labor rights in the pretrial and court proceedings.

If the employer violates your labor rights, does not comply with the terms and amount of payments required by law, you were illegally fired, the wording of the reasons for dismissal was illegally changed, you were deprived of wages or unreasonably denied in employment, there are no safe working conditions at the workplace – contact Business Assistance Law Firm. We will protect your legitimate rights and interests through direct negotiations with your employer, if necessary – in court. Our lawyers will advise you on all issues of interest in the field of labor law.

Legal defence

– preparation of procedural documents, representation of your interests in courts of all instances.

The lawyers of Business Assistance Law Firm will conduct an individual legal analysis of your case, draw up all possible options when building a defense strategy in court and objectively assess the likelihood of successful completion of your case. Resolving a dispute without involving the parties in a lawsuit is our priority goal. But if the trial cannot be avoided, we will prepare all the necessary procedural documents and ensure that your interests are represented in civil, economic, administrative or criminal courts, in the first instance, on appeal or cassation, or we will enter into an open trial to protect your interests.

Enforcement proceedings

– legal support and representation during enforcement of court decisions.

Business Assistance Law Firm using all available legal tools will ensure the fastest and the fullest execution of the judgment. Services regarding legal support of enforcement proceedings include: representation of your interests in the enforcement service (both state and private); obtaining writs of execution in court; tracing the debtor’s assets; support of debtor’s property disposal; control over the actions of enforcement agents, in cases of their illegality – filing complaints; applying to court for the recognition and enforcement of foreign courts’ decisions in Ukraine; release of property from arrest, exclusion from the inventory (if you are a debtor).

Migration services

– solving migration issues of any complexity, both for foreigners and stateless persons, and for citizens of Ukraine.

Migration services for foreigners include: the issue of stateless persons certificates for traveling abroad, obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits, immigration permits, work permits, taxpayer registration identification card number, invitations, extension of stay in Ukraine, etc. We help the citizens of Ukraine to get a passport, exchange it, add data, register a place of residence, etc. Services include consultations on all issues, assistance in preparing and obtaining all necessary documents, notary services, as well as representation in the State Migration Service, if necessary, in court.

Legal advices

– oral and written consultations, drawing up legal opinions.

Legal advice of Business Assistance Law Firm includes an analysis of legislation and judicial practice, the provision of specific recommendations or alternative solutions to a problem. We will advise you on any legal issues orally or in writing, by drawing up a legal opinion. Our lawyers and attorneys will answer all your questions and find a way out even from the most difficult legal situation.

Notary services

– performance of various notarial actions.

Notarization of contracts, applications, signatures, facts, execution of power of attorney, attestation of documents copies, contracts, performance of executive writings, drawing up of a will and heritage, real estate title registration, etc.

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