Accounting, finance, taxes

Accounting, finance, taxes

Our team includes specialists with extensive experience in the field of accounting and tax treatment, in the field of financial law, who promptly respond to changes in legislation. Cooperation with us guarantees you complete, correct and timely provision of services that will help you avoid problems with government agencies, minimize penalties if negative consequences have already occurred, and also, if necessary, organize the protection of your interests in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.

Types of services

Accounting services

– comprehensive accounting services for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Specialists of Business Assistance Law Firm will take care of all troubles related to the accounting services of your business. The basic list of accounting services includes: setting up accounting and tax treatment for a newly established business, development of accounting policy; preparation of primary documents on ongoing business operations, if necessary, verification of the previously compiled documentation; back-office operations of receipt records and expenditure documents, operations displaying in the 1C program; banking services; generation and submission of reports; personnel records management; payroll management, labor contracts; control of all accounting processes and workflow; undergoing checks for the period of record keeping; informative and consulting support.

Reconstruction of accounts

– reconstruction of financial and tax accounts to comply with legal requirements.

This service involves bringing all accounting documentation in full compliance with the requirements of the law, and, as a result, minimization of penalties (in case of change of accountant or lack of accounting and reporting for a certain period of activity, loss of the entire accounting base or primary documentation, inconsistency with the latest accounting data). This includes: renewal of incoming, outgoing and internal documentation; the resumption of a systematic accounting base for the past periods of the company activity, the primary formation of the accounting base displaying all business operations carried out by the enterprise; validation of the reporting indicators formation, which were provided to the regulatory authorities, and verification of the timing calculation for the payment of taxes, fees, mandatory payments; preparation and submission of the missing reports, making adjustments to the already existing statements, in which errors and inaccuracies were identified, its re-submission to the regulatory authorities.

Tax optimization

– reduction of tax liabilities by using various legal methods.

This service, first of all, includes the analysis of your business structure, the current tax planning system, as well as your financial documentation. Further, the specialists of Business Assistance Law Firm will select individually for your business the necessary methods of tax optimization and by planning the company’s tax policy we will implement a set of legal measures to reduce the amount of tax liabilities. During this process, we will also provide you with full information and consulting support.

Financial consulting

– advising individuals and legal entities on tax matters, financial legislation.

Lawyers and attorneys of Business Assistance Law Firm will advise you orally and in writing (with written opinions) on all matters of your interest in the field of financial law, including consultations on the tax system, the size and procedure for paying taxes, the procedure for audits, tax reporting, requirements of financial legislation, the provision of financial services, financial monitoring, taxation of individual transactions and operations, etc.

Tax inspections

– appeal of the tax inspections results in the administrative and judicial order, legal support during inspections.

During the tax inspection, you will be accompanied by a lawyer of Business Assistance Law Firm, who will provide you reliable legal support and ensure legality of inspection. If in consequence of tax inspection you received a tax assessment notice about violation of tax laws, we will appeal this notice administratively and judicially, having previously advised you on the prospects for such an appeal, having examined all financial documents and prepared the necessary procedural documents. If as a result of a tax inspection criminal proceedings are brought against you, lawyers of Business Assistance Lawyers will provide you qualified legal assistance and criminal protection for you and your business.

Financial institutions

– legal support in registering financial companies and organizing their activities.

Business Assistance Law Firm provides services for registration of financial companies in the timeliest manner possible with execution of all necessary internal documentation and licenses for the right to conduct financial activities, as well as with the enrolment to the financial institutions register. We also provide legal support for purchase and sale transactions of financial companies and further full legal support of their activities.

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