Real estate

Real estate

Business Assistance Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services related to various real estate transactions carried out on a turnkey basis in the timeliest manner possible. With the legal support of our lawyers, you can be sure that the real estate transaction will pass quickly, easily, safely, without “pitfalls”, your interests will be protected, all documentation will be executed correctly, and most importantly – without your direct participation. After all, you will be involved in the process only at the stages of consultation and receipt of documents.

Types of services

Contracts follow-up

– full legal support of the real estate contracts concluding process.

Lawyers and attorneys of Business Assistance Law Firm will provide legal support for a real estate transaction at all its stages: prepare the necessary documents, analyze entitling documents, develop a property alienation agreement and hold negotiations with the lawyer of another party regarding requirements, rights and obligations of the parties, provide support during the notarial attestation of the transaction, as well as register ownership in state bodies.


– legal services related to obtaining permits for the construction of real estate.

A set of services provided by the Business Assistance Law Firm includes: legal support for technical inventory and obtaining a technical certificate for a construction site; execution of permits to commence construction; representation of interests in the State Architectural and Construction Supervision Authority at different stages of construction work; development and preparation of the necessary documents for receipt in the State Architectural and Construction Supervision Authority of a document (declaration) on the operational readiness of the completed facility; legal support of ownership registration for the commissioned object and obtaining a certificate of ownership. In addition, if necessary, we will appeal against the actions of bodies (their officials) that violate your rights to receive the relevant permits through the court.

Real estate legalizing

– legal services to support the process of real estate legalizing.

We offer comprehensive legal support of such operations on a turnkey basis: preparation of technical certificates for real estate objects; transfer of residential real estate (apartments, houses) to non-residential fund; legalization of private houses and non-residential premises; legalization of apartments re-planning; transfer of non-residential property to the housing fund; isolation, merging of real estate objects, allotment; legalization of the attic; legalization of the entrance lobby. Our specialists will obtain all necessary permits and other documents without your direct participation in the shortest possible time.

Property registration

– a set of legal services for the state registration of the title to real property.

We will register your property rights in the timeliest manner possible on a turnkey basis, releasing you from unnecessary troubles. Registration takes place in three stages: first, we will prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to the appropriate state registration service body; further, registration actions will be carried out, and you will receive a finished document on state registration of ownership rights. You can also contact the Business Assistance Law Firm if you need to obtain duplicates of title establishing documents, to represent your interests during court hearings regarding the recognition of property rights and their registration, or if you need consultation on property rights.

Registration of land plots

– registration of land ownership and obtaining a certificate of ownership.

Our services in registration of land include: consultations on land law issues; receipt of excerpts and extracts; support of negotiations and transactions with land; checking the property for the legality of the ownership right and its alienation, for the presence of rights and restrictions from third parties; legal analysis of the documents of the seller and the buyer; legal support of the processes of land plot privatization, land purchase at an auction, land plots allotment for rent, changing the designation purpose of land plots; representation of interests in courts of all instances during court hearings regarding land disputes of any complexity.

Loan secured by real estate

– full legal and informational support of obtaining a credit on property.

Lawyers of Business Assistance Law Firm provide full legal and informational support of operations for obtaining a loan secured by real estate, a loan for the purchase of real estate, as well as transactions for the real estate purchase by legal entities and individuals in installments. Specialists of our company will answer all questions, advise you on the legal aspects of such transactions, terms of contracts, risks, prepare all the necessary documentation and will fully accompany you during the transaction process.

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